Smokey Punishment

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02/18/2011 - 9 Min - 415 Mb

So i am coming back from my job and im searching arround the house from my cigarettes.You lay down relaxed in your chair watching me how i search for my pack of Kent’s.You say no word but just let me keep looking for them.In the next second i realise you stole them,you still dont say anything even if i ask you “You stole them right?”
Well bad luck day for you,because my darling i have another fresh unopen pack in my purse.I go get it and since you are a non smoker and you cant breath when i smoke in the same room with you,i decide to just sit in front of you and blow smoke in your mouth hear u chocking and complaining about so much smoke in the room.i dont care about this and i keep telling you that this is you “punishment” for hiding my smokes even if i told you many times to not touch them.You will just need to get your smoke punishment for doing such thing that it has been forbidden to you and you now must open your mouth to get my exhaled smoke in it and basically just BREATH MY SMOKE while i chain smoke 2 Yummy Kents