Lipstick smoking fetish

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02/08/2010 - 9 min - 500 Mb

You have a fetish for smoking combined with a lipstick fetish? Well then i have a fetish for your fetish.I have a weakness for makeup.lipstick,lipgloss and other shinny and coloured things Watch me how i grab a red Marblboro 100 i put it betwen my lips and i then start to apply the red lipliner while dangling with the cigarette,i then put the lipstick,crazy lipstick colour and then i light the cigarette.In the end i apply lots of lipgloss while exhaling the smoke and when the cig is done i come closer to the camera and im presenting to you my lips full of pink liptsick and lipgloss Go for this video if u like lots of lipstick and shinny lips while smoking XOXO Alexxxya