I am sorry for missing so much and no updates but i have been seriously ill,and now i have a bad cough.I know some of you may consider coughing sexy but its not very comfortable making clips while coughing.
I am gonna start updating the site with new clip today

Alexxxya’s Pink Pipe

Thank you Stranger

Whoever got me these wonderfull shoes from my wishlist:Thank you :) I love them .They are made from leather and they fit perfect :)
Was nice to get a gift in my PO BOX :)
PS:mail me if you want me more pictures wearing them

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Long time no see on blog.But i plan to be here more often and i hope you guys will comment.Today i have added a few pics which i absolutely love.You will see what i mean about “dance of smoke” after u download and watch them :)
Here is a preview

Click to see full size

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Some people ask me if they can send me a gift as apreciattion for my work.So instead of you going to postal office and mail it,you can easily go to my wishlist and get me something from there as it is easier and faster. :)

here is the link

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New pictures

Click on each pic for bigger rezolution

Kent Convertibles

Next week im gonna make a special clip with these new cigarettes just launched in Romania.Im not gonna reveal the secret by then, but i can say these are very SPECIAL.You will understand why, when i am gonna post the clip.:)

Foto credit :

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Someone has sended me this today.Isnt this cute…i love it :) Thank you for your work


Its sure now.In March i am visiting Amsterdam…I booked the ticket last night.And no i did not chose amsterdam for the “offers” but because i wanted to see it and another more important reason that i cant say :D Its a secret.
On 8 March i will be landing there and i just cant wait for it….

Funny searches

Sometimes i amuse myself reading the searches the people are doing to search for me or my site…you can find quite funny ones in there.But enoguh writing…i dare you to watch the printscreen i made,and you will need to tell me what do you think about?Do you find your searches here ?? :D :D:D

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