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HI i am Alexxxya and i will let you know a few facts about me

I was born in a big family of smokers
I was very young when i started to smoke( 13 YEARS OLD)
I started to smoke by stealling cigarettes from my mother,after a while my father finds out so he decide to hide my packs so i can keep smoking and my mother wont find out.When i turned 17 they finally accepted my addiction and they actually started to buy me smokes.
I totally inhaled my first drag,and this is what made me addict
My first cigarette was a Viceroy
I am a 22 years old Eastern European girl
I was born raised and still living in Romania
My Zodiac Sign is Leo
My favourite cigarette brand is KENT but i like to smoke all kind of cigarettes and cigars
A big turn on for me is to know that your are watching my clips,Yeah i know a bit strange but this is what makes me different and unique
I am hopelessly addicted to smoking,i never tried to quit
I panick a lot if i have left in house just one pack of cigarettes (again unique)
I smoke at least 40 cigarettes a day, a lot more when i am at school or when i know i have a filming day,when i drink my coffee in the morning and when i watch my own clips
I like to take a drag , then blow it into some guy face,i do also made a passion for gloves and i like to wear them from time to time when i smoke
I do NOT smoke weed or other ilegal drugs

Now that you know all important things about me and my life enjoy watching my clips and my pictures and i hope you will enjoy my site

CONTACT: contact@alexxxya.com